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Few Interesting Comet Goldfish Facts!

The comet goldfish otherwise known as the single tailed goldfish is primarily bred in the United States and has a similar appearance to the conventional goldfish; only that ti tends to be slightly smaller and slimmer as well. This fish is often differentiated from its counterparts based on the long deeply forked tail. It’s important to note that comet goldfish are often available with orange, yellow or red colorations. The orange-red coloration often appears on the dorsal fin and the tail fin. The added benefit of this type of fish is that they are readily available and for affordable prices as well.


comet goldfish facts


Here are some of the notable comet goldfish facts:


  • Comets are prolific breeders and can multiply in a relatively short span of time- the comet goldfish has over the years become a prevalent addition in most aquariums. This due to their unique breeding capabilities and their resilient nature as well.
  • The comet fish is regarded by many as one of the first sea creatures to ever be domesticated in the USA
  • The fish obtained is famous name from the fact that it has a unique aesthetic appearance that is reminiscent to that of flying comet
  • The fish were first noted in some ponds in Washington DC, USA and were bred by a state worker who was known as Hugo Mulrett. He is believed to have been the main proponent of the fish, and he also wrote a book documenting relevant facts about the fish.
  • The comet goldfish are smaller than their goldfish counterparts- the average comet often spans an average length of at least six to ten inches, although there are some that are known to exceed the maximum length
  • The comet get its name from its unique tail appearance- this fish often has a forked tail that is very long and often has an appearance that is similar to that of a flying comet.
  • The tips of the caudal fin are clear, and this makes the fish appealing- this is especially true when you come across the fish in a well-developed aquarium and is not overcrowded.
  • Comet goldfish lifespan is 6-15 years – the fish can often live for a long duration if the owner provides the appropriate basic needs for survival. For instance, the fish survive best in uncrowded fish tanks and with sufficient meals as well.
  • These fish have a broad spectrum of colors- while the conventional colors are red and orange, there are some other notable colors that one may come across including yellow and white, as well as a unique combination of all these colors.
  • The fish are believed to have originated in the USA- Hugo Mulertt, who at the time was working as a state agent, was responsible for breeding the fish ion large amounts in his ponds in Washington DC during late in the seventeenth century.
  • Goldfish are classified as omnivores- the fish can consume any fish food and can also consume a broad spectrum of vegetable based flakes as well as freeze dried flakes as well.

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