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Comet Goldfish Size. Perfect for Ponds

Aquarium fish of all sizes, shapes and colors add beauty and interest any home. Children love to watch these sparkling creatures swim about, seemingly without aim or purpose, and adults enjoy this activity and color as well.

A great deal of money may be expended on aquarium equipment, A visit to any shop that deals in aquarium fish will tell the consumer that some fish and accessories can be extremely expensive.

For most families, families that are getting their first aquarium, or for those who want to enjoy an aquarium without investing their life savings, a small aquarium with a few comet goldfish can be ideal but not for a long term as comet goldfish size can get quite big in year time.

With its striking long single forked tail, the comet—although we call most aquarium fish goldfish—can be almost any color or combination of colors. Some are silvery white, others red and white and orange, red and other colors are not uncommon.

With proper care and a little luck, your comet may live as long as fourteen years. Some have been known to live even longer lives, promising a long relationship with your children as they grow together.

An active fish, the comet is aptly named because of its sudden dashes across the aquarium and its notable speed. While many other breeds swim slowly or even prefer to save their energy by barely moving, these fish keep on the prowl night and day.


comet goldfish size


Comets are by nature very active and since care for them is comparatively easy, they make a good choice for an outdoor pond. Adding color to a pond with perhaps a few koi, they can give the entire display a colorful and expensive appearance without the expense of having more koi.

Sometimes parents buy their child one or two goldfish in a small bowl. While this is attractive and can be set up in a child’s room or elsewhere in the house, it is not really a good idea. The space allotted to even one or two small comets (possibly costing as little as three or four for a dollar), is not really enough.

Comets goldfish size start out quite small but grow with an amazing alacrity and those tiny creatures can eventually grow to over a foot long. They may live as long as your dog or cat and it’s unfair and inhumane to keep a fish trapped inside a tank that is too small for its size. This would be equivalent to placing a prisoner in “solitary” or, since comets are non-aggressive, placing too many prisoners together in a cell. They might not fight, but life cannot be comfortable for an active fish with little space for movement.

As stated before, many enjoy adding comets to their koi ponds for variety and additional color.

A hardy fish, your comets don’t mind temperature changes and require minimal care.

Most fish tend not to outgrow their environment. If you free your comets into an outdoor pond, you should expect the fish to grow constantly until it reaches sometimes a length approaching two feet. That suits it well to life in a pond mixed with the more expensive koi. This can add more life and rich color to your pond without the extra cost.

At first, small comets may be kept in a rectangular aquarium. A good idea would be to install the largest tank you can afford and place it in a secure location in the home. Filtration is extremely important. Remember, that tank is the comet’s world. He must live, eat, sleep and live out his lifecycle including all his bodily functions inside this tiny world. Therefore, as the owner of the aquarium, it is your duty to give your comets the proper care they deserve.

As children grow alongside their comets, this gives them an excellent opportunity to learn to understand their responsibilities as they take over the job of caring for the comets and maintaining the tank’s environment.

As a last word, remember that even a fairly large tank should never be overcrowded. Something like a small ten-gallon aquarium is simply not large enough for more than two or three very young comets. As they grow, that tank will quickly become inadequate. And don’t underestimate the importance of filtration. Most shops, especially those that specialize in aquatic life, can be most helpful in explaining the ins and outs of setting up an aquarium or pond for your comet goldfish.

The comet goldfish, a charming and inexpensive creature offering endless hours of amusement as he hurries about his home.

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