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So How Long Do Comet Goldfish Live?

The comet goldfish variety was the first of its kind to be bred and developed in the United States of America. Its scientific name is Carassius auratus auratus. It is a single-tailed fish that has a caudal tail fin which is quite big in size.

Its characteristic features are that it has a wide head and it is elongated. They are found in colors red, yellow, orange, white, however some come in bi-colour, for instance the red/white and occasionally pearly scales combination. Different sites have different descriptions but the resemblance to a burning comet trailing in the sky seems to have resonated with many. The comet goldfish naturally institute color change. This change is usually under the influence of diet and the amount of light penetrating into the aquarium. Aquarists interviewed have cited that in order to maintain the comet goldfish’s original color, a good diet and good lighting are paramount.

However it is important we know about the breeding process before we can know its life span. The comet gold fish carry with them peculiar characteristics. It has a high tolerance for cool conditions unlike the common goldfish which does best at 18-22⁰C. It has therefore been termed as hardy owing to this characteristic. The comet goldfish are social and breed in groups, however it can also be kept in singles.

When it comes to how long do comet goldfish live, a span of 5 to 14 years is estimated. It could be longer if the right conditions are maintained.

While choosing a comet, look for one that has pointed fins which do not overlap. They are praised as strong swimmers and placing them in the same fish tank may slow them down in maximizing on their potential. Given that they can grow to a length of at least 4 inches, they should be kept in an aquatic tank with more space or rather that is spacious enough to cater for this length. This has been cited as an important factor in the lifespan debate. Those that have been confined to small aquariums will be limited to the 4 inches length.

Comets goldfish size of those that have been kept in larger aquariums have the potential of achieving the length of eight inches to a whooping twelve inches. Some people choose a comet goldfish that is not expensive especially if the buyer is a first-time keeper or an aquarist at a beginners level. This quality may end up being prone to diseases and the breed that may come up may be weak genetically. This will lead to a situation where the breed has suffered in terms of longevity.


how long do comet goldfish live


In conclusion the differences between the comet and common goldfish are minimal but it is set apart by the fact that it does not require specialized attention. The hardy character has made it a favorite among many. When it comes to feeding they eat a variety such that they are described as omnivores. Among the diet we have some aquatic plants, broccoli, shelled peas just to mention but a few.

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