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All You Need to Know About Sarasa Comet Goldfish

The Sarasa Comet Goldfish is a single tailed fish that has a long tail fin. It was first developed in the United States by Hugo Mullert in the 19 century. After that, he introduced them, into the market. The Comet goldfish is sometimes confused with the common goldfish because they look very similar. The distinguishing factor of the comet goldfish is its long flowing and deeply forked tail fin. However, in both the common goldfish and the Comet Gold Fish, the tail fin is always held erect.


Distinguishing Goldfish by Color

The Sarasa Comet Goldfish has a white-and-red coloration on its body. The common goldfish has an orange color on its whole body. The Tancho variety of comet goldfish appears a little bit different than the rest because its body is silver colored with a red patch on its head. Other Comet Goldfish are also yellowish, orange, white, red, or a bi-color combination of white/red and some have a variegated color. These are also smaller than the regular goldfish when it is fully grown, however also shorter than the regular .


Sarasa Comet Goldfish are Fun to Keep

If you are planning to keep fish at home in an aquarium or in an outdoor pond for beautification purposes, the Sarasa Comet Goldfish and other comet goldfish varieties are the best. They are easy to care of because they are not choosy in what they eat. They will eat most of the foods that other fish eat. The Sarasa Comet Goldfish is delightful to watch as it moves in a pond or aquarium and also quite personable. Their long tails help to emphasize their long graceful looks. Their long length makes their swimming movement more fluid than shorter fish.


sarasa comet goldfish


Sarasa Comet Goldfish are Friendly

Sarasa Comet Goldfish also have a rather active lifestyle, which is why it’s important to cover the aquarium with a lid. Otherwise, they will jump out of the aquarium and land on the floor or any other surface where you have placed the aquarium. These fishes are not shy, and they thrive well in a community. If you position two aquariums side by side, you may enjoy the view of the comet fish jumping from one to the other, assuming have not covered them with a lid.


They Can Withstand Cold Temperatures

If you are planning on keeping your pet fish in a outdoor pond, you will be happy to that they can tolerate cold temperatures. That characteristic is important if you plan to keep the fish where you have minimal control of the temperatures during winter. The Sarasa Comet Goldfish does not uproot plants, which is great because having a plant in an aquarium or pond gives it a more natural look.


They Spawn at a Faster Rate

The Sarasa Comet Goldfish spawn with ease. You should, therefore, make sure that you monitor their numbers; otherwise, they will quickly overpopulate the aquarium or pond. If you want to keep fish that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also easy to keep, they will not disappoint you. Finally, you should provide the following living conditions for your Sarasa Comet Goldfish.


These are:

• Pond size: 190 gallons
• Temperature range: 37°-90°
• pH range: 6.8-7.2
• KH range: 2-12
• Diet: Omnivorous diet

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